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The King's Men Ride Different for Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation


raised so far


of $25,000 goal

The King's Men fourth Ride Different will happen 11-13 October with all funds going to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF).

The Foundation supports research into creating a test for the early detection of ovarian cancer. Leane Flynn is the wife of Justin Flynn (The Knocker) and an ovarian cancer patient. Leane has dedicated herself to making a difference, to helping rid the world of ovarian cancer so that no other woman will die prematurely from this disease.

Facts around Ovarian Cancer -
- Each year 1,600 Australian women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer
- Unlike breast and more common cancers, there is no early detection test
- Only 30% of women diagnosed with the advanced stages of ovarian cancer will survive beyond 5 years
- One woman dies from ovarian cancer every 8 hours

On Ride Different, riders pay all costs for the ride.

Team Members

The King
Justin Flynn
Matthew Shields
Bryce Laricchia
Brett Comer
Michal Krodkiewski
Angus MacHutchison
Paul Kernan (The Shotgun)
Michael Jansen
Andrew Comer
Evan Rolton
Andrew Walton
Mark Comer
Emma Van Steel
Michelle Pasmanik
Hugh Peck (The Skipper)
Dave Wood
Cam Brindley
Andy Butler (THE STRIKER)
James Lazarus
David Briggs
Nick Bladen
David Kelly
Peter Hudson
Stuart Woodward
Steve Wilson (The Barracuda)
Brian McAdam
Andy Whelan
Andrew Mackinnon
Dale Martin
Mark Pearson-Gills
Diane Edwards
Peter Kingston
Ray Feile
Norm Feile (The Stealth)
Ashley Bleeker
Heath Ryan
James Walmsley
Byron Davy -WOODY
Marie-Louise Fitzgerald
Olivia Atanasovska
Gabi Norrman
Taro Malcolm
TKM Ride Different - Manda K
Tom Burns