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OCRF Grant Scheme

The OCRF is proud to fund researchers in Australian and New Zealand hospitals, universities, and medical research institutes with a passion for ovarian cancer research. The OCRF is dedicated to funding innovative and promising ovarian cancer research with the aim of every woman, everywhere, being free from the threat of ovarian cancer.

Projects funded by OCRF

The OCRF has articulated two priorities which remain the focus of our research funding in line with our mission and objectives:

Early Detection
  • Identifying early events in tumour formation and progression, to help diagnose the presence of ovarian cancer
  • Identifying biomarkers that are at a concentration detectable at the early stages of the disease
  • Investigating methods that may block the ability of the cancer to spread
Management and Treatment
  • Developing new targets for therapy
  • Looking at the best way to beat chemotherapy resistance

We provide funding for projects between 1 and 3 years with a focus on supporting research salaries. Further details are provided in the documents below.

OCRF Research Grant GuidelinesOCRF Grant Funding Agreement

Grant Application Assessment

The OCRF grant application assessment process is integral to supporting the most innovative ovarian cancer research in Australia and New Zealand. The OCRF uses the expertise of both scientific and consumer reviewers to consider, assess and advise on Research Grant applications as part of an open and competitive call each year.

To ensure integrity, accountability and transparency when awarding funds, the OCRF coordinates a review of applications by the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) and Consumer Representative Panel (CRP) whose recommendations are presented to the OCRF Committee of Management for review and final decision.

For all enquiries please contact the Grants Officer at grants@ocrf.com.au 


Grant Reporting

The Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation requires annual progress reporting from its grant holders as outlined the in the OCRF Grant Funding Agreement. Progress reports serve a dual purpose:

  • They are a formal requirement for individual accountability and compliance with the intended aims of the OCRF grant scheme. They allow the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) and OCRF staff to assess whether the project is proceeding according to milestones and whether any delays or changes to the original plan are expected.
  • They are an essential source of information for the Australian and New Zealand community (scientific and lay) to understand the outcomes of the research funded by OCRF. The data collected in these reports will provide evidence of the contribution of OCRF funded research towards OCRF’s vision and mission.

Please refer to the documents below for information on OCRF progress reporting:

OCRF Grants Reporting Guidelines

OCRF Grant Annual Progress Report

OCRF Grant Final Year Report